Osteopathy Fees & Clinic Schedule

Osteopathy Fees

New patient – £70.00
45 minute follow-up – £70
30 minute follow up – £55

Medical acupuncture can be included for pain relief when case appropriate

*Medical acupuncture helps modulate pain- as such it can be very effective as pain relief alongside an osteopathic treatment. Acupuncture points are chosen according to neurological principles as part of an orthodox medical clinical diagnosis.

Clinic Hours 

Tuesday 08:00-18:00
Thursday 07:30-20:00
Saturday 09:00-16:00

Appointments are based around 50 minute slots, but can end sooner or may last longer according to the time required to complete the treatment. In exactly the same way as with your GP or dentist, the treatment time will always vary. Advice, observations, and rehabilitative exercises are key to the treatment and to a full recovery. Extra time is often given, depending on clinic diary commitment.

Your first appointment shall include significant treatment time following the taking of a case history, provided that treatment is clinically appropriate- i.e safe and right for you. On extremely rare occasions we are obliged to discharge a patient without treatment and in these cases the fee is chargeable at our discretion.

Healthcare Insurance

We are authorised providers for all UK healthcare insurers. Please always check with your insurer before booking an appointment. Every policy varies in its coverage, and not all insurers are equal.

When booking an appointment, you must inform us that you are to use a healthcare insurance policy. If you wish us to claim the treatment fee from your insurer, rather than providing you with a receipt, you will need to e-mail your policy/membership number and authorisation code in advance of your initial consultation, and tell us the amount of any excess you are liable for, and number of treatments authorised. If this information is not made available, we reserve the right to charge you directly and provide you with a receipt.

PLEASE NOTE: it is the responsibility of the patient to be aware of any excess they may have on their policy, and to settle the amount owed directly with the practitioner once notified to do so by either their insurer or the practitioner.

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