Surgical Assessment

Surgery should always be the last resort, however it is often required and can provide a definitive option for many problems.  At Warley Grange Health we are happy to provide assessment and advice regarding what possibilities you have.  

Richard Lang is our Podiatric Surgeon and works full time within elective foot and ankle surgery in the NHS. With several years of experience of assisting in surgery Richard can provide help for an assortment of issues, such as: 

– Bunions
– Stiff and painful joints
– Hammer toes
– Bony prominences
– Morton’s Neuroma
– Ganglion Cysts
– Ankle and Achilles pain
– Longstanding heel pain

​The appointment will last 30 minutes and will include a thorough history taking of the problem, your general health, clinical and radiographic assessment of the problem will also be reviewed using ultrasound.  With a diagnosis, a step by step approach of conservative management options, surgical options and referral options will be given. 

Surgical assessment appointments are available all day on Saturdays and alternate Monday and Wednesday evenings.  To book an appointment contact us using the button below.

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