Here at Warley Grange Health, we like to be transparent about out competitive prices so that you can feel confident when you come into the clinic. Our practitioners are registered with most major health insurance providers, information can be found below.

Routine PodiatrySpecialist Podiatry
Routine Treatment – New Patients: £40.00 Verruca Treatment – Dry Needling (price from): £150.00
Routine Treatment – Existing Patients:£33.00Biomechanical Assessment:£75.00*
Routine Treatment – New Patients Saturdays:£45.00Shockwave Therapy:£75.00
Routine Treatment – from 17:30 and Saturdays:£40.00Ostenil Injections (price from): £110.00*
Toe Nail Cutting Service: £25.00 Steroid Injections (price from):£140.00*
Toe Nail Surgery (prices from):£350.00Surgical Assessment:£95.00
Toe Nail Reconstruction (Price from): £50.00Corn Excision Surgery Consultation:£75.00
Verruca Treatment – Chemical Therapy:£25.00Corn Excision Surgery (price from):£380.00
Verruca Treatment – no chemicals applied:£10.00Derma Filler Injections Consultation:£65.00
Verruca Treatment – Swift:£98.00Derma Filler Injections (price from):£400.00 per foot
Diabetic Foot Assessment:£55.00*Cyst Aspiration£225.00
Home Visits:£40.00Local Anaesthetic: Prices vary
* Includes Ultrasound scanning if necessary.

New patient £70.00
45 Minute follow-up£70.00
30 Minute follow-up£55.00
Osteopathy additional information As with your GP or dentist, the length of appointment will always vary slightly depending upon the presenting complaint. Following the taking of your medical case history, your first appointment shall include a full treatment, provided that treatment is clinically appropriate -i.e safe and right for you. On extremely rare occasions we are obliged to discharge a patient without treatment and in this case the fee is chargeable at our discretion.
Philip is registered with all healthcare insurance providers, including:-

Private Healthcare Insurance Providers Please note, prices through Private Healthcare Insurance Providers will vary. Due to some insurance providers not paying the full fee of our clinic charges, we have no option but to ask you to pay the outstanding fee that isn’t covered by your provider. Please check with your insurance provider for their prices, or contact us for more information.

Susan Curtin is registered with WPA and Simply Health

Richard Lang is registered with WPA, CIGNA, Vitality, BUPA and Simply Health 

Philip Ashcroft is registered with CIGNA, AVIVA, BUPA, AXA and Vitality

​We accept Cards (excluding American Express), Cash and Cheques

Please click here to view our cancellation policy, payment and insurance information

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